About Me



Hey there! My name is Gabi Mendoza and I am a health and fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others reach their goals. I currently hold certifications as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and weight loss coach. I have used my own personal weight loss journey and education to launch my own online coaching business with which I offer services in individualized nutrition coaching, exercise coaching and a combination there of. I also have created generalized programs to help anyone get started in the gym and change their eating habits. I have been an online fitness coach for five years now and I absolutely love it. If you haven't seen or heard of my own fitness journey you can click here to look at my Instagram page and get an idea of me and my journey over the past three years.  

I enjoy working with any clients who are driven and willing to work hard. If that sounds like you and you are looking to reach your goals please visit the home page of this website.



Please email me at gabimendoza369@gmail.com